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Designing Mechatronics System

Posted by Umama in Umama's Blog, in mechatronics 15 February 2015 · 388 views
mechatronics, system

Designing Mechatronics System According to Wikipedia, "Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, control engineering and computer engineering."

Shifted Levers

Posted by veproject1 in veproject1's Blog, 26 February 2015 · 14 views

Shifted Levers
The most effective overbalanced wheel ever

Engineering Philosophy

Posted by DrD in Mechanics Corner, 25 February 2015 · 22 views

Engineering Philosophy Engineering Philosophy

You have probably heard of Engineering Econ, Engineering Management, etc., but what about Engineering Philosophy?
Most of the time, in engineering discussions we talk about “hard information,” that is, facts, ideas, and methods for doing various engineering activities. But behind all that, guiding it, there needs...

Team Management in improvement Projects

Posted by Pretesh Biswas in Pretesh Biswas' Blog, 18 February 2015 · 39 views

In today’s world, organizations must keep pace with ever increasing changes. The complexity of the business requires numerous functions in order to be competitive. A brief description of common business functional responsibilities include the following:

Human Resources

The human resources (HR) department is responsible for an analysis of the ne...

Why ducts are used in Air conditioning systems ?

Posted by Saurabh Jain in Mechanical Engineering Questions, 17 February 2015 · 125 views

Why ducts are used in Air conditioning systems ? Why ducts are used in Air conditioning systems ? 

How do you cook, Mr.pressure Cooker?

Posted by Yathik in Me & Mechanical Engineering, 11 February 2015 · 1,764 views

why pressure cooker cooks fast?
The pressure of steam increases water temperature, when temperature of water is higher than its boiling point (100o C), it can help to cook faster.
pressure inside pressure cooker is directly proportional to water temperature 
P ∝ T , as P increases T increases. 
Average pressure...

Comparision Between Hydrualic, pneumatic and Electrical System.

Posted by lokesh.s in Lokesh.S , 11 February 2015 · 152 views

Comparision Between Hydrualic, pneumatic and Electrical System.

Bevel gear cutting by involute gear cutter

Posted by Tapas Gope in Mechanical Engineering's Blog, 08 February 2015 · 102 views

Is there any process to make bevel gear by horizontal milling mc to use of involute gear cutter. I know for this process there are not such finishing as formed gear cutter but I want to try maximum possible machining by involute gear cutter. What is the setup of dividing head spindle any other small setup is required for tapering tooth space?

Why the dew botteles are cooler than the normal temp.

Posted by Vaibhav Jamodkar in Vaibhav Jamodkar's Blog, 05 February 2015 · 413 views

Why the gas cylinders and the deo botteles are cooler than the normal room temp?

Pitching mechanism of a blade

Posted by Amlan in Amlan's Blog, 04 February 2015 · 456 views

Pitching mechanism of a blade Hi all ...I am looking to make a wind turbine ..This is a model of a blade pitching mechanism ...can anyone suggest how to design it ??

The importance of sketching...

Posted by Gerald Fought in Gerald Fought's ME Blog, 03 February 2015 · 892 views

Good Day, Everyone...
I would like to emphasize the importance of sketching your ideas. Sketches go along way in helping you pass your thoughts onto others. It does help you organize your thinking, and capture thoughts for review at a later date. Sometimes the incubation drives your design sketch in other directions.
See attached for s...

how would you design a film fill media for cooling tower to be used with water cooled air-conditioning system.

Posted by Kamran Mallick in Kamran Mallick's Blog, 31 January 2015 · 172 views

how would you design a film fill media for cooling tower to be used with water cooled air-conditioning system. how would to design a film fill media for a cooling tower whose following data is known uptil this moment:
1. inlet and outlet temperatures.
2. dry and wet bulb temperatures of area of operation.
3. mass flow rates of air and water.
P.S cooling tower is cross flow mechanical induced CT.


Posted by SARATH BABU S in SARATH BABU S' Blog, 31 January 2015 · 822 views

FUNDAMENTALS OF INDUSTRIAL MANIPULATOR The robot is designed to have six degrees of freedom movement. These robots find application in manufacturing, material handling, palletizing sectors of the industry. In industries, where corrosive or biohazard materials are to handled, direct human interface is not advisable. These robots can resolve such problems.  The size and capacity of the rob...

World's Thinnest Electric Generator

Posted by Umama in Umama's Blog, 24 January 2015 · 544 views
Worlds Thinnest Electric Gen

World's Thinnest Electric Generator A Generator that is Wearable!!!

This is how a basic generator looks like.
With a lot of moving parts, complicated functions and robust in size, it occupies a lot of space.
Now take a look at this type of generator:

cyclic load analysis

Posted by D Vignesh in D Vignesh's Blog, 04 January 2015 · 128 views

guys, I am doing analysis on a cantilever rod (containing point load). The point load varies with time.
ie, the load is applied for about 60 seconds. And then no load is applied for about 3 minutes. This cycle continues. I have to do the fatigue analysis and harmonic analysis in ANSYS. How do i do it?
What will be the frequency range to do harmonic analys...

Commerical Parts Selection_ Bearings| Ball Screw| Linear Guide_ in Marathi

Posted by Mahesh Sadawarte in Mahesh Sadawarte's Blog_Beam Design, 31 December 2014 · 156 views

Hello Engineers,
I have Planned to refresh your knowledge in selection of the commercial parts,
Like Bearings, Ball screws, Linear Guides, servo motor, ac Motors. Hydraulic and pneumatic_ All file I will be uploaded is my personal notes,
time to time I will upload files to avoide your confusion
Today I would like to add file for bearing sele...

!! Memory IQ Test !!

Posted by sawant_satish in sawant_satish's Blog, 26 December 2014 · 115 views

10 Self Improvement Activities
These self improvement activities will help you become more productive, get into the positive state of mind and achieve better quality of life.
In this article you will also find out how to use your energy effectively, what is the quickest way to achieve personal growth and how to excel in every activi...

Celebrating one Million Pageviews on Mechanical Engineering Forum

Posted by Saurabh Jain in Welcome at Mechanical-engineering.in, 06 December 2014 · 915 views

Celebrating one Million Pageviews on Mechanical Engineering Forum Cheers & very special thanks to each and every mechanical engineering professional for visiting the website in 2014 and making it count to reaching a historic milestone of 1 million hits.
Sharing with you stats which can also be seem live from link  at the bottom of the page

I'm in Love with Your Axis

Posted by Dzhezzi in Mechie/Roboticist Blog, 10 November 2014 · 538 views

Note: I enjoy blogs, and rambling on, which is the primary reason I started this blog. I will try my best to keep consistent and provide entertaining information and possibly my mishaps while I refine my engineering skills. I enjoy to build mini-robots and program micro-controllers so from time to time I will post some of my own stuff here and talk about...

Looking for a technical name for a mechanical system

Posted by Hass in Hass' Blog, 28 October 2014 · 161 views

Hello all.
I want to know what engineers call a mechanical system which is basically made of two parts;
1- a shaft with screw threads on it.
2- a hollow tube with screw threads on the inside wall matching threads on the shaft.
And when the shaft is turning the hollow tube moves to and fro.
Or maybe you know a link....

All You need to know about Automobile Piston, it's Working & Design.

Posted by Nitesh Vasani in Automobile Basics, 05 October 2014 · 514 views

All You need to know about Automobile Piston, it's Working & Design. All about Automobile piston
The slugs of aluminum inside your engine live in a fiery hell. At full throttle and 6000 rpm, a piston in a gasoline engine is subjected to nearly 10 tons of force every 0.02 second as repeated explosions heat the metal to more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit. These days, that cylindrical Heads is hotter and more intense th...

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